7 Ways for Businesses to Beat the Christmas Rush


Every year, the Christmas rush begins earlier than before. It’s almost like the festive lights and decorations go up the day after Halloween. If you own a retail business, we don’t have to tell you this. You’ll know the stress and success that comes with the festive season.


But the Christmas rush doesn’t have to be something you dread. In fact, it’s a very profitable time of year for most businesses if you know how to handle it. We’ve got some tips to ensure your business can beat the Christmas rush and enjoy the festivities.


Think Back to Last Christmas


If you’re an experienced business, you should know roughly what to expect when it comes to the Christmas rush. Hopefully, you’ll have some invaluable information that will help you to prepare for the next one. For example, last year’s stock records can point you in the right direction when it comes to customer demand. Perhaps there are certain products that flew off the shelves quicker than others. If that product is popular, you can ensure this doesn’t happen again.


What about your team; were there enough staff members to deal with the Christmas rush? If you fell behind with offers or noticed a delay in your services, now is the time to do something about it. You can add seasonal staff to deal with the rush so you don’t lose sales or damage your reputation.


Have Lots of Presents on the Shelves


As a business, you’ve probably received the warning that it can be risky using too much of your capital for stock. But at this time of year, not having enough stock can damage your sales and affect your business. Using the information from last year, you can go through all of your stock before Christmas to see the demand. Look at the latest buying trends this year too to understand what customers may be looking for. This way, you can invest in stock that you can sell.


Consider More Elves


Let’s be honest; Christmas shopping can be very stressful. There’s the panic of last-minute buying and not finding the perfect present for a loved one. So, this means that you’ll probably have to deal with some grumpy customers at some point. But something that will make this even worse is not having enough staff. At this time of year, customers are already in a bad mood and won’t stand around forever to be served. If they have a bad experience, this can have a negative impact on your sales and business. Considering seasonal staff to step in can be an investment that pays for itself.


Invest in a Holiday Marketing Campaign


‘Tis the season to attract more customers. You know everyone is going to be doing their Christmas shopping. So, why not point them towards your business? A successful marketing campaign is going to see a boost in customers over the festive period. There are several techniques you can use. For example, utilise the reach of social media and post giveaways, competitions and Christmas adverts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is going to boost your profile and attract new and loyal customers.


Don’t forget that you’ve got a database full of customer’s details. In particular, we’re talking about email addresses. You can create a Christmas newsletter to promote special discounts you may be running or popular products that are trending this year.


Reign in the Festive Cheer


We know it can be tempting to jump on the bandwagon and start your Christmas promotions early. But not everybody likes this. In fact, it can turn customers away from your brand. While it’s good to plan in advance, don’t start your campaigning too early. You want to make your customers feel like they’re getting a good deal when the Christmas rush starts. If you’re running the same promotions from September, they won’t have the same appeal. We’d say that November is a good time to prepare for Christmas. By the end of the month, you’ll see an increase in customers wanting to start their shopping.


Remember Your Other Customers


Christmas is all about sharing the love. So, don’t forget to be inclusive and remember those customers that choose not to celebrate the holiday. It’s easy to get caught up in the bright lights and carols but remember to accommodate customers of other faiths during this time. Take note of your local population and adjust your seasonal approach accordingly.


Stand Out with Christmas Wrapping


If there’s one thing everyone hates about Christmas it’s definitely wrapping all of those presents under the tree! It’s time-consuming and tedious. Of course, this offers you some ground to exploit. Why not start offering gift-wrapping services? Just adding on a little extra with every purchase can offer a surprisingly good margin on each sale. Plus, you’ll have happy customers that are glad they don’t have to do it at home! A gift-wrapping service can also make you stand out from the competition.


Think About Cash Flow


The festive season does require businesses to outlay more money on campaigns, staff and stock. Do you need a cash injection ahead of the Christmas rush? It may be best to seek a business loan to help out with the month ahead so that you can invest in your brand and see an increase in sales.