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Whether you’re looking at taking that initial step into commercial lending, or simply wanting to expand your existing broker business, Swiftfund are here to support you. We provide quick decisions and can arrange fast funding for your clients. If you are interested in learning more, give us a call on 01480 877 156 or email us at

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    • Quick and efficient. A very positive experience with helpful staff.

      Matthew Jones

    • My funding application was submitted in the morning and the funds were in my account by the end of the day.

      John Folami

    • I found every aspect of the process very fast and straight forward. I will definitely use Swiftfund again.

      James Wood

    • Very no-nonsense way of raising money and very friendly staff.

      M Veer

    • Swiftfund were very fast and helpful. I received my funds on the same day as I submitted my application.

      Ben McKenzie